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We help you select, manage, monitor cloud-based hosting services on your behalf
in a cost-effective fashion so that you can focus on your business.

Data redundancy and business reputation

Hosting services are highly commoditized, yet the providers are eager to lock you in with long-term contracts and complex migration processes. Frankly, we have seen it all: from longer-than-acceptable downtimes to lost data without recourse.

Downtime may put your company’s reputation at risk, but servers without proper backup processes will compromise your business continuity altogether.

We present a range of short-term cloud storage and hosting options that fit your needs, and offer various monitoring solutions so that you can quickly respond to incidents and pivot without feeling locked in.

Your business continuity. Manage with GoodCodeClub.

We work with a variety of popular cloud services ...

... and offer added services to safeguard your properties

Incident response

We track uptime for your web properties and investigate on your behalf when they go offline.

Free migrations

Customers receive complimentary property migration from old servers to ours.

Data protection

Regular backup service is automatically enabled on all your web properties under our supervision.

Discount on services

We offer discounted rates for our development services to customers who host with us.

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Managed Service

Downtime is expensive and puts your company’s reputation at risk. Linode Managed is an incident response service designed to help businesses cut out costly downtime. Our highly experienced Managed Service team is here around the clock to help.

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Incident Response: We've Got Your Back

Linode actively tracks uptime and responsiveness for every registered system and service. If a check fails, our experts take immediate steps to get your systems back online as quickly as possible.

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Free cPanel

cPanel & WHM, the world's most popular control panel for managing websites, is free to Linode Managed Service customers. Our team of experts will even install it for you.

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Dashboard Metrics For Your Linodes

Add URLs, IP addresses, and TCP ports to the Managed Dashboard and we'll begin monitoring them through our multi-homed monitoring system.

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Data protection At No Additional Cost

The Linode Backup Service is automatically enabled on all your Linodes when you enroll in Managed Service.

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Discount on Professional Services

Linode’s Professional Services team of experts can handle server installations, configurations, architectures, deployments, one-off sysadmin jobs, site migrations, and more.

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Free Site Migrations

With a three month commitment for Managed Service, customers receive complimentary site migrations. This allows you to move from any host to Linode with an easy, hands-free process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I designate certain Linodes for Managed Service?

Managed Service applies to all Linodes on your account. To apply Managed Service to a subset of your servers, consider creating two Linode accounts: One which is Managed Service, and one which is not.

What do free site migrations entail?

Managed Service customers receive two complimentary site migration(s) for standard configurations. Our fee-based Professional Services team can handle non-standard configurations that exceed the scope of Managed Services.

What can the Managed Service dashboard be used for?

The dashboard makes it easy to enter the URLs, TCP ports, and IP addresses of services you want monitored. The dashboard also allows you to record notes on your configuration, add application-specific user credentials, and view issue history.

What is cPanel?

Linode Managed Service includes the option to deploy cPanel. You can manage the entirety of your server, including email accounts, databases, applications, security, and SFTP through cPanel’s graphical user interface.

... so let us answer any questions you may have

Yes: once we agree on a specific set of cloud services and are provided with the necessary credentials to your current server, we can extract and migrate properties that you select for us.

Our customers receive (to a reasonable limit) complimentary site migrations for standard server configurations. Our team can handle non-standard requests that exceed the scope of our usual services.

Yes, we do. The dashboard makes it easy for you to review the server configurations, monitor the uptime of various web properties, and submit specific tickets for any issues that you experience.

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