formerly Fresco Industries

Good code done quick

Whether you are an advertising agency looking for vendors or an independent business outgrowing your shop, we are here to help. Ranging from custom WordPress sites to complex messaging systems, we can build it all.

Our creative outlet

We build AI experiments that can compose music and write poetry, and invent our own workflow tools to share with others -- when we are not busy keeping clients happy.

Fresh ideas by default

We host young and emerging talents across Toronto until they are ready to leave the nest and forge their own paths. Fresh perspective and novelty are default in our workflow.

Bringing you up to speed

We don't use any jargon here. Code may seem opaque, but it doesn't have to be. We believe in the benefits of client education: as long as you are interested and ready to learn, we are happy to invite you to be a part of our development process.

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formerly Fresco Industries,
operated by Chris Kim